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acontis establishes own US subsidiary.

EC-Engineer offering a lot of new features                                         More

EC-Master for Renesas RZ/A and RZ/G.

EC-Master for Altera Cyclone V SoC.

New: EC-EAP Stack
System-wide communication with EAP.

New: remote App Platform.
Smart Devices in the IoT world and for Industrial Control.

EC-Master for TI-RTOS Kernel (SYS/BIOS).

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EtherCAT® - Real-time/Multicore/Hypervisor - Services
Acontis technologies is a leading provider for EtherCAT Technology, Windows real-time software and Real-Time Virtualization/Hypervisor Technology.
Our company is known for high quality products "Made in Germany". Many blue chip customers world-wide use our products.

Our EtherCAT Master Stack EC-Master is a leading product in EtherCAT Industrial Communications. Many important companies world-wide rely on the quality and rich amount of functionality. Our ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group) engagement in several working groups ensures full compliance with the EtherCAT standards and inter-operability with all available EtherCAT slave devices. The EC-Engineer serves as a powerful EtherCAT configuration and diagnosis tool, which also can be integrated into customer's application. More...

EC-Win EtherCAT® Real-time platform for Windows
The EC-Win platform provides a perfectly matching, powerful real-time EtherCAT programming environment.
Customers will get a one-stop, single-source solution with an attractive price. Using EC-Win it is possible to build deterministic real-time EtherCAT solutions for Windows. More...

Multicore Windows real-time platform
Using RT-Win Windows becomes a hard real-time system, Simple installation on top of Windows, the usage of the well known Win32 API and the Microsoft development tools for the real-time part are the key features. More...

Smart Devices: Remote control and diagnosis of embedded and/or IoT devices
The new rApp (Remote App Platform) allows OEMs to concentrate on their device software. There is no need to challenge app development and app stores for smart devices. More...

Software Services
In addition to our high quality products we also provide professional software services for customer specific projects.

  • EtherCAT master software integration and slave software services
  • EtherCAT trainings and workshops
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